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Food & Supplement Entrepreneur Hub


FSE Hub (Food & Supplement Entrepreneur Hub) is a resource for entrepreneurs, managers, and others who are actively involved with creating and growing emerging food and supplement consumer packaged goods products, brands and companies. It’s a resource to share ideas, concepts, and best practices as we look to grow our companies. It’s a place to ask questions, vent frustrations, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs as we collectively navigate the path to building strong and meaningful brands.

This space is all about user engagement and collaborative interaction by and among entrepreneurs who are actively building great food, supplement and related brands. The site is a resource to discuss the rules of the road of the established sales channels that many of us are trying to pursue, while discussing operational topics, sales and marketing concepts and other best practices (and perhaps ways to circumvent those!) to help us along the way.

Like many of the companies we find ourselves involved with, consider FSE a start-up. Initially the site will be a series of blog posts with the ability to question, discuss and elaborate. Topics cover broad concepts of building CPG’s and are a blend of personal experiences and reflections on current industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Importantly, they are topics aimed at helping all entrepreneurs in the space as the journey to consumers’ plates, homes and minds unfolds.

It’s an open resource and the rules of engagement simply ask for transparency (where possible) and professionalism.

John G. McGarvey

FSE Hub founder, John G. McGarvey is a seasoned industry veteran who ran a natural food company for nearly nine years, the bulk of that time with a skeletal staff, little to no financial support, and initially, no industry experience. Despite this, the company was sold in 2013 and John remained for an additional two years to help with the integration, brand upgrade and major line extensions.

Prior to working in the natural food world, John worked in financial services, both in Boston and in New York City, and subsequently brings a strong analytical approach to his work. Following his time on Wall Street, John developed a micro-finance lending program for a non-government organization (NGO) for two years in Lhasa, Tibet. tibet

Not one to stay away from the world of natural food industry, John is currently developing a transformative supplement and lifestyle brand that will launch in 2016. Stay tuned!

He holds an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management and lives with his wife and two kids in Minneapolis, MN. When he’s not working, John enjoys actively not working.